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Archived: Ingleby Care Limited - 3 Warwick House (Dom Care)


Inspection carried out on 7 October 2013

During a routine inspection

When we visited this service we spoke with the provider's general manager, head of community services, the service coordinator, two team leaders and one person who used the service. We also spoke by telephone with a further two people who used the service, four relatives who had family members who used the service and three members of care staff.

The people and relatives we spoke with told us that they were happy and satisfied with the service being provided. They told us, "It's brilliant, I can't fault them" and "They're alright, I'm quite happy with them."

We saw that people had support plans and risk assessments in place that contained person centred information to assist staff with meeting people's care and support needs.

Systems were in place to ensure that medicines were managed appropriately for people.

We found that robust recruitment processes were in place to ensure that staff employed by the provider were suitable to work with vulnerable people.

We saw that there were processes in place for monitoring and assessing the quality of the service provided for people.

We found that confidential information relating to people that used the service and staff was stored securely.

Inspection carried out on 20 July 2012

During a routine inspection

We visited Ingleby Care Limited's offices on 20 July 2012. Our visit was unannounced which meant no one who worked there knew we were coming.

During our visit we met and spoke with two people who used the service, three members of care staff and two relatives. We also spoke with the provider, the manager and a health care professional who worked closely with the service. We looked at three sets of care plans and care records, staff training records and quality assurance records.

A relative we spoke with told us, "The communication with staff and the manager is really good. I get calls and text messages to keep me up to date. I always get a call back if I can't get through to the manager."

People told us they liked the staff who supported them. We were told, "The staff are good."

The staff we spoke with told us they had regular opportunities to update their skills and knowledge so that they could understand and meet people's needs.

Inspection carried out on 3 March and 8 April 2011

During a routine inspection

People told us that they were consulted and involved in decisions made about the care they receive.

People said they are treated with respect and their privacy is maintained. One relative had written to the agency to say, ‘Your carers treat my mother with dignity, respect and compassion. They work hard and diligently help her towards a better quality of life’.

People we spoke to said they were happy with the care and support they receive. One client told us, “I am very satisfied with the care I receive”. A relative told us, ‘Staff are very professional, I can’t fault them whatsoever and “The care x gets from the agency is absolutely fantastic’.

People we spoke to said carers were polite, do not rush them and stay long enough to do all that’s required. We were told, "Staff are punctual and consistent”

People told us the agency will help them contact GPs and to make other healthcare appointments if they wish.

People we spoke to said they were treated with dignity and respect and the support they received from the agency made them feel safe.

Clients and staff told us they would have no hesitation reporting poor practice to the managers.

People who use the service can continue to manage their medication if they are able to do this safely. One person told us, “I look after my own medication I like to put all my tablets out ready for the day, some staff will help take tablets out of packets if I ask”.

People told us they were happy with the staff that supported them. We were told, “There is a small team of carers who visit me, I know all the carers who visit. New carers always come with more experienced carers before they visit me on their own”.

One person we visited said, ‘ I like to know who is visiting me and phone the office every day to ask who is coming, I would like to know in advance but when I ask staff if they are coming tomorrow they say they don’t know’.

People we spoke to said their care workers understood their needs and provided the support they needed. We were told, ‘Staff are very professional I can’t fault them whatsoever’.

People we spoke to said they are asked for their views and opinions at reviews and sent satisfaction questionnaires. We were told, ‘The care she gets from the agency is absolutely fantastic’,

People we spoke to said they had been provided with a copy of the complaints procedure and would have no hesitation raising concerns with the management team.