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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 2 February 2019

About the service: The service is a residential care home that was providing personal care and accommodation to 32 people aged 65 and over at the time of the inspection.

People’s experience of using this service: People using this service benefited from a service, which had maintained and built on the outstanding work that they did with people. People told us the service was, “Fabulous”, “The best there is” and “Like living in paradise.”

The provider demonstrated how they had achieved outstanding practice, development and improvement at the service. The leadership team sought creative ways to provide a personalised service and had achieved excellent results through exploring best practice and professional support and implementing it to enhance people's lives.

The staff team were highly motivated and were actively involved in and contributed to the continuous improvements in care and support. The provider and registered manager were dedicated to providing individualised care that met the highest of standards and promoted people's independence and quality of life.

The registered manager demonstrated a strong and supportive leadership style, seeking feedback in order to further improve the care and support provided. The registered manager and staff team used innovative, but safe practices to develop people's independence and create a vibrant, happy and thriving community.

Communication within the service was excellent at all levels and encouraged mutual respect between staff and people who used the service. People received exceptionally effective care. Staff collaborated with people and relatives to find out people’s interests and needs so they could provide person-centred, tailored packages of care that had a positive impact on outcomes for people who used the service.

The provider had attained regional and national recognition through accredited schemes, which acknowledge quality practice such as The Living Wage Foundation and Customer First. The management team encouraged and consulted with staff at all levels to improve the quality of service and all staff were encouraged to develop positive relationships with people living at the service and with each other. Staff took key roles to research best practice and promote better outcomes for people. For example, the activity co-ordinators had worked with a national company to develop and deliver person-centred activities which people found stimulating and enjoyable.

There was a truly holistic approach to assessing, planning and delivering care and support. Each person who used the service had a personal plan linked to their preferences and needs. Their wishes and choices were recognised and valued and people received excellent support to achieve a full and satisfying way of life. People were at the heart of the service, which was organised to suit their individual needs and aspirations.

Staff were caring, kind and compassionate with people, recognising them as individuals and treating them with respect and dignity. There was a strong emphasis on eating and drinking well. Meals were an enjoyable occasion, tables were attractively set and people could either sit in social groups they felt comfortable with or take their meals privately in their own rooms according to preference. Themed days, including special meals and celebration meals, featured regularly on the menu.

The atmosphere within the service was exceedingly friendly and open. A positive and innovative way of managing risk was discussed and developed with people who used the service. People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice.

More information is in the full report.

Rating at last inspection: Outstanding (report published 9 June 2016).

Why we inspected: This inspection was a scheduled inspection based on the previous rating. The service has improved it

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Updated 2 February 2019

The service was safe.

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Updated 2 February 2019

The service was exceptionally effective.

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Updated 2 February 2019

The service was exceptionally Caring.

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Updated 2 February 2019

The service was exceptionally Responsive.

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Updated 2 February 2019

The service was exceptionally Well-led.

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