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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 17 December 2013
Date of Publication: 10 January 2014
Inspection Report published 10 January 2014 PDF

People should be cared for in safe and accessible surroundings that support their health and welfare (outcome 10)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are in safe, accessible surroundings that promote their wellbeing.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, carried out a visit on 17 December 2013, observed how people were being cared for and checked how people were cared for at each stage of their treatment and care. We talked with people who use the service, talked with carers and / or family members and talked with staff.

Our judgement

People who lived there, staff and visitors were protected against the risks of unsafe or unsuitable premises.

Reasons for our judgement

The provider had taken steps to provide care in an environment that was adequately maintained. We saw that the home was well decorated, furnished and maintained. It was a homely environment and people looked comfortable in their surroundings. The home had been decorated with Christmas decorations and people told us they had helped with these.

We looked at all people’s bedrooms with their permission. We saw that these had been decorated and furnished to people’s individual tastes and interests. One person told us that staff had moved the furniture in their bedroom around so that they could move safely around. People’s bedrooms were clean and homely.

Three people had their own en suite shower and toilet. A shower room with a walk in shower was provided on the first floor. A walk in shower room and a bathroom were provided on the ground floor. We saw that the ceiling in the bathroom had been damaged from a leak. The provider told us that this room was to be redecorated and they were waiting for the ceiling plaster to dry out before this was done.

There were two lounges provided so that people had a choice of where they sat and did not always have to sit together. A large kitchen/dining room was provided and we saw that people were able to access the kitchen when they wanted to. There were always staff nearby so that if people were at risk of hurting themselves they would be there to support them.

To the rear of the home was a large, well maintained garden where people said they liked to spend time in the warmer months.