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Archived: Orby House

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Inspection carried out on 13 September 2013

During a routine inspection

During the course of our visit we spoke with the staff member on duty and three of the people who used the service.

The service had taken into account the different needs of people living in the home by ensuring that information was provided in different ways including user friendly formats such as symbols and photographs. This fostered a more inclusive approach and supported people to have a better understanding on what was happening daily.

Care plans were developed specifically for each individual and provided staff with guidance on how to meet people's health, social and personal care needs. We saw that care plans were reviewed monthly. We saw that people using the service had signed documentation within their care plans to show that they agreed the content.

Each care file contained a pictorial copy of the complaints procedure. A copy of this was also seen in each person's bedroom and in the front entrance hall of the house. People we spoke with all said that they felt safe in the home and that they would speak to their key worker or the manager if they had any worries.

The staff member told us that the manager was very supportive and that they "loved" their job.

Care plan review meetings were held annually. These meetings are important as they enable relatives and professionals who have involvement with people's care, support and treatment to offer their views about the service provided.

Inspection carried out on 8 November 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke to two of the people living at the home. We also spoke to the manager and to a staff member.

People said they liked living at the home. One person said, �It�s nice here. It�s a happy home.� Another person said, �I�m happy here.�

People said they were treated well by the staff.

Each person we spoke to said they were able to make choices in how they spent their time. One person said how they attended a range of activities and another person said they preferred to remain at home. People also said they were able to make choices in times they went to bed and got up in the morning.

People said they were supported with their care and with daily routines. People described how they were supported by staff with domestic routines such as their laundry and keeping their room clean.

We were told by people that staff were available when they were at home.

People said they felt safe at the home.

People said they knew what to do if they had a complaint about the home and said that staff made them aware of the complaints procedure.