Archived: South Cary House

South Street, Castle Cary, Somerset, BA7 7ES (01963) 350272

Provided and run by:
Mr & Mrs R F Garden

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27 April 2012

During a routine inspection

People who lived at the home were very complimentary about the care and support that they received. Comments included; 'It's a five star place, I'd encourage anyone to come here' and 'Everything is absolutely marvellous.'

People we spoke with said that they continued to be in control of their lives and the care that they received. One person said 'I am free to do as I like but there is always someone available if I need help.' Everyone said that they were able to decide what time they got up, when they went to bed and how they spent their day.

We were told by people that their privacy was protected and staff always treated them in a respectful manner. One person commented that staff were extremely 'respectful and sensitive' when assisting them with personal care. During our visit we observed that staff always knocked on bedroom doors and waited to be invited in before entering.

People said that they were given a choice about the person who supported them with personal care. One person told us 'I prefer not to have a male carer and this has been written down, they are very considerate about things like that.'

People told us that if they were unwell then the home ensured that they were seen by an appropriate professional. Care plans seen showed that people had access to a variety of healthcare professionals according to their individual needs. We were told 'Staff are very good at arranging medical appointments.'

People said that they felt safe at the home and would be comfortable to approach the manager or a member of staff if they were unhappy about anything. One person said 'If I grumble they are very good and sort things out for me.'

People said that they thought there was always enough staff on duty. Everyone said that if they rang their bell for assistance staff came promptly. One person said 'If I press the buzzer they come quite quickly' another person said 'You have to consider that they may be dealing with someone else but they are usually pretty quick at answering the bell.'

Everyone we asked, including visitors, said that the manager and home owners were 'very approachable.'