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St Luke's Hospice Outstanding

We have edited the inspection report for St Luke's Hospice from 12 January 2017 in order to remove some text which should not have been included in this report. This has not affected the rating given to this service.
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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 24 May 2011
Date of Publication: 15 June 2011
Inspection Report published 15 June 2011 PDF

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Inspection carried out on 24 May 2011

During a routine inspection

On the site visit conducted 24 May 2011 we talked to two patients and three relatives. All had been happy with the nursing care and felt staff members were friendly and helpful.

Some comments captured:

Patient A �[nurses] very busy but they look after you � need more time to chat�.

Relative X �Nurses keep you up to date... [as a relative] kept well informed�.

Relative X �[Staffing levels] There are peaks and troughs� all busy� mum herself has recognised that care is very personalised and patient centred�.

Patient B �Got to ask for information after treatment changed�.

Patient B relative �Great organisation!�

Relative Y �Small community spirit � everybody supports everybody else� there�s a �real sense of community�.

Relative Y �Kept up to date by consultant�never met such a wonderful doctor�all doctors good�they explain in a proper environment�.

Patient A �Lots of different food�accommodate what you need�.

Relative Y �Food absolutely fantastic! � whatever they want they get�.