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The Bay Care Group Outstanding

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 4 May 2018

This announced inspection took place on 12, 13, 19, and 20 March 2018. We visited the office on 12 March 2018 and carried out home visits to people on 13 March 2018. Phone calls to people who used the service and their relatives were made on 19 and 20 March 2018. The service was last inspected in December 2015 and was rated ‘good’.

The Bay Care Group is a domiciliary care agency. It provides personal care to people living in their own houses and flats in the community. It provides a service to younger and older adults. Not everyone using The Bay Care Group receives regulated activity; CQC only inspects the service being received by people provided with ‘personal care’; help with tasks related to personal hygiene and eating. Where they do we also take into account any wider social care provided. At the time of this inspection 154 people were receiving personal care from the service. People who use the service live in Torbay, Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas.

The service had a registered manager. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are 'registered persons'. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

The management team placed a strong emphasis on providing a high quality service, looked for ways to continually improve, and was an excellent role model for other services. Community professionals were highly complementary about the quality of care provided. Comments included “As a provider they have always demonstrated they are forward thinking, have passion and care about their work”, “The staff have a genuinely caring attitude and are willing to work with professionals. I am hugely impressed by their commitment to the person and their family” and “There has been a need for quite a creative and very person-centred approach which Bay Care has achieved. The progress has been significant with really positive outcomes.”

The registered manager was the founder and co-chair of the local ‘Care Manager’s Network. One community professional told us “she’s doing a really great job and is very inspiring.” The network had received ‘Gold’ in the Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust Blue Shield Awards for Best Community Partnership. This award was designed to give recognition to hard work and dedication which improves the lives of people who use health and social care services. Staff worked in partnership with healthcare professionals to ensure ‘joined up’ care was delivered to people. This meant people benefited from high quality care and improved outcomes.

People and their relatives told us about the consistently high standards of management and care they received from The Bay Care Group. Comments included “The people who run it now are really on the ball”; “I don’t think I could do better anywhere else” and “The best I’ve ever used.”

Staff were highly motivated and were exceptionally kind, caring, and compassionate towards people they supported. Comments included “All the carers are excellent”, “We have a good old laugh” and “They look after me extremely well and instinctively know if I am having a bad day”. A relative wrote “She looks after my mum as if it was her own grandmother”. There were many examples of staff going over and above and the very positive impact this had on people’s lives.

The registered manager told us their focus was on caring and people were put at the centre of the service. The service had introduced ‘Operation connect’, an initiative to enable staff to engage more with the people they supported. Staff had taken time to gather the outcomes and goals that people wanted to achieve. They then worked with the person to realise those goals. People were invited to take part in the running of the service and were asked for regular feedback. This had resulted in improved outcomes for p

Inspection areas



Updated 4 May 2018

The service was safe.

People received safe care and support. They were protected from the risk of abuse through the provision of policies, procedures and staff training.

People were protected from risks to their health and wellbeing because staff took action when issues were identified.

There were enough competent staff to carry out people's visits and keep them safe.

Safe and robust staff recruitment procedures helped to ensure that people received their support from suitable staff.



Updated 4 May 2018

The service was effective.

People benefited from effective care because staff were trained and supported to meet their needs.

People were supported by staff who were trained in the Mental Capacity Act and understood the need for consent.

People were supported by staff who sought advice from health care services to ensure their needs were met.



Updated 4 May 2018

The service was very caring.

People valued the relationship they had with care workers and expressed great satisfaction with the compassionate care they received. People were cared for by staff who went �the extra mile� for them.

The service went above and beyond their role to identify and achieve people�s goals and aspirations.

People were supported by caring staff who enabled them to build and maintain their independence.



Updated 4 May 2018

The service was responsive.

Care plans were developed with the person. They described the support the person needed to manage their day to day health needs.

Staff responded to people's requests and met their needs appropriately. The service was flexible and responded to changes in people's needs.

People�s communication needs were met. The service was complying with the Accessible Information Standard (AIS).

People were encouraged to give their views and raise concerns and complaints if the need arose.



Updated 4 May 2018

The service was very well-led.

People benefited from a provider who had a strong commitment to delivering the highest quality of care.

People received high quality care as the provider had created a positive staff culture. Care workers were proud to work for the service and their contribution was recognised through reward schemes.

People benefited from a service that involved them in the running of the service and used their feedback to drive improvements. The provider was continually striving to improve whilst putting people at the heart of the service.

The provider had strong community links and worked in partnership with other agencies. Their contribution to care had been recognised through the achievement of awards.