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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 8 September 2017

Timaru provides accommodation and personal care for up to six people living with a learning disability, autism or mental health needs.

The inspection was announced and was carried out on 29 June 2017 by one inspector.

There was a registered manager in place. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the home. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the home is run.

Staff were skilled in communicating with people in a way that met their needs, such as reading body language, pictures and signing, which ensured people felt valued, listened to and in control.

Staff respected people's diversity and human rights, empowering them to make choices and take control of their lives. There was an excellent focus on person centred support and staff were exceptionally committed and determined in finding ways to help people develop trust, confidence, self-esteem and achieve excellent outcomes.

Staff worked with external behaviour specialists to identify reasons for, and address people’s distress and anxiety. This had an extremely positive impact on people’s behaviours that challenged themselves and others. Robust record keeping enabled staff and health professionals to monitor the quality and effectiveness of people’s care and support and analyse any trends.

People were supported to maintain their health and well-being and received advice and treatment when required. People were offered sufficient food to eat and drink to meet their specific dietary needs.

There was a positive, supportive and open culture within the home. This was consistently commented on by relatives who told us that the staff were extremely responsive and provided personalised support that met people’s complex needs. Staff were positive about working at Timaru and felt very well supported by the registered manager. Staff felt listened to and involved in the development of the service.

People were encouraged to take part in a wide choice of activities and educational opportunities, both at home and in the community, which increased their skills and independence. People were also supported to be involved in their local community.

Safe recruitment procedures were in place and sufficient staff were deployed, including one to one and two to one staff support. People were supported by staff who had received appropriate induction, training and supervision and had the necessary skills and knowledge to meet people’s individual, complex needs.

Staff were extremely kind and caring, treated people with dignity and respect and ensured their privacy was maintained. The provider had renovated the home to meet the changing needs of people and provide them with more personal space.

Relatives and staff had opportunities to feedback their views about the home and quality of the service being provided, to help drive improvement. Robust systems were in place to monitor and assess the quality and safety of the home and these were kept under review by the registered manager and senior management team.

Individual and environmental risks relating to people’s health and welfare had been identified and assessed to reduce those risks. Regular safety checks were carried out on the environment and equipment to keep people safe. Plans were in place to manage emergencies and personal evacuation plans were in place for people.

People and staff told us they felt the home was safe. Staff had received safeguarding training and explained the action they would take to report any concerns. Complaints procedures were available and any concerns were appropriately addressed.

Effective systems were in place for the safe storage and administration of medicines, including controlled drugs. People received their medicines from staff who were appropriately trained to do so.


Inspection areas



Updated 8 September 2017

The service remains safe.



Updated 8 September 2017

The service remains effective.



Updated 8 September 2017

The service remains caring.



Updated 8 September 2017

The service is extremely responsive.

The registered manager and staff went the extra mile and provided creative solutions to meet people’s complex needs and improve their quality of life. The provider and staff sought expert advice from behaviour specialists and achieved excellent outcomes for people.

People, their families and health and care professionals were involved in thorough and detailed person centred support plans which promoted choice, independence, community access, rights and control. On-going reviews ensured people’s support remained relevant and enabled people to achieve excellent outcomes.

Relatives told us they knew how to make a complaint but had no complaints and were very happy with the service.



Updated 8 September 2017

The service remains well led.