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CK Dental, Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital @ The Chesterfield

This service was previously registered at a different address - see old profile


Inspection carried out on 25 June 2014

During a routine inspection

We looked at four patient records and spoke with the provider and practice manager on the day of our inspection. We looked at the provider�s website to look at the information they provided patients and how they responded to patient feedback about their service.

We found service to be responsive because the practice opening hours were planned to ensure the people who used the service could attend without taking time away from work. The dentist was able to accommodate emergency appointments and out of hours support. We also saw the service provided a different payment schemes to enable patients to have treatment.

We were told about the caring attitude and attentiveness of the staff who work at the service. We read a testimonial from one patient who commented �After unexpectedly suffering trauma to one of my front teeth I was unfortunately left with the only option of tooth extraction. Having never experienced this procedure before I was obviously very concerned but on reflection needn�t have been � I was in very good hands.�

We saw there were policies and procedures in place which indicated the service was well led and provided professional guidance and training to the staff who worked there.

We asked if patients could provide feedback about the service and saw on the website patients expressed their satisfaction and effectiveness with the treatment they had received. We read �I had a wisdom tooth removed � The process was so amazingly swift that I sincerely didn�t even know the tooth had been removed.�

During our visit we looked around the premises and at the equipment and recruitment processes in place in order to provide a safe service. We saw processes such as new staff induction were provided and ensured patients received treatment from staff who were appropriately trained and understood their responsibilities.