Starting our new assessment approach

Page last updated: 26 February 2024

We rolled out our new regulatory approach by area.

These are our plans for 2023/24. We have published guidance for providers on our new approach to assessment.

At this stage, our new approach will not apply to services that we do not rate (for example, dental providers). 

Rolling out our new approach

21 November to 5 December:

Our early adopter programme involving a small group of providers started with planned assessments as we begin to roll out the new approach. We’ll use what we learn to help improve how we implement the new changes.

From 5 December:

Assessments start of:

  • providers in local authority areas including:
    • Bedford Borough
    • Central Bedfordshire
    • Luton
    • Milton Keynes
  • all registered providers in our South region

From 13 December

Assessments of local authorities start.

From 9 January:

Assessments start for all registered providers in our London and East of England region.

From 23 January:

Assessments start for a small number of providers in our North region and Midlands region.

From 6 February:

  • Assessments start for all registered providers in our North region and Midlands region
  • Trust well-led assessments start in all regions

From 11 March

  • We assess applications to register a new activity or service using the new approach
  • Additional online notification forms

Later this spring

  • Online request process for Second Opinion Appointed Doctors (SOADs)
  • Assessments start for services we do not rate, such as dentists.

We will continue to update our guidance as the new processes develop.

As we start using the new assessment approach, we’ll be listening to feedback from providers and may adjust our approach so that we use the best way possible. We will keep you updated as we begin to make these changes.

Our regions and the areas they include

List of integrated care boards (ICBs) within each region. Postcode search for an ICB.

Early adopters

Early adopters are a small group of providers in the South region. They volunteered to be a part of this process and we gave them bespoke support. They include a mix of provider types, excluding NHS Trusts and services we do not rate.

Early adopters are:

  • Alliance Medical Limited
  • Amkare Limited
  • Apex Prime Care Ltd
  • Barchester
  • Broadway Lodge Limited
  • Menopause Clinic WSM
  • Milestones Trust 
  • Oldercare (Haslemere) Limited
  • Partnering Health Limited
  • The Manor Clinic Limited
  • Wessex Children's Hospice Trust
  • Willow Tower Opco 1 Limited