Domiciliary care agencies: personal care application case studies

Page last updated: 28 March 2024

These are actual examples, but all names have been changed.

Application we refused

Smith Care Limited applied as an organisation to run a new domiciliary care agency. The company had one director Mrs Eunice Smith. She was also the proposed nominated individual and proposed registered manager.

Registered manager application

Mrs Smith had worked for 18 months as a part-time carer in a domiciliary care service. She had never:

  • managed, recruited or supervised staff
  • been responsible for any quality assurance systems
  • implemented policies and procedures on behalf of a provider
  • assessed anyone as needing care.

Mrs Smith had NVQ level 2 in care and completed training with social care TV. She could not give examples of how she had applied this training in her previous work experience.

She felt she could get the experience and training needed once we had registered her.

Registered provider application

There was a small amount of money to start up the business but Mrs Smith could not tell us where this money had come from. She could not prove where the money was when we asked how she would finance the business. She had not looked at what money she needed to break even and was unaware of the real costs of running the business. The business plan did not consider essentials needed to run the service.

Smith Care Limited had bought a set of policies and procedures online, but could not tell us about their content or how they applied to the agency. Mrs Smith did not know how she would assure herself the service was safe or how to monitor and improve.

Mrs Smith did not have a firm plan for staff training.

Our decision

We refused this application on several grounds. We were not assured:

  • the company had enough money to run the business
  • Mrs Smith:
    • had ‘the necessary qualifications, competence, skills and experience’ to manage personal care
    • was competent, she lacked experience in a supervisory role
    • knew enough about the policies and procedures and how important they were to the safe running of the service

We will not register services where key people plan to get the training and experience they need after they are registered. This puts people at risk from unsafe care.

Application we registered

Jones Care Limited applied as an organisation to run a domiciliary care agency. The company had one director, Mr Frank Jones. He was also the proposed nominated individual and proposed registered manager.

Registered manager application

Mr Jones had worked in a domiciliary care service:

  • full time as an area manager for the last 2 years
  • as a registered manager for 3 years, in day to day charge of the service employing over 30 care staff
  • as a senior staff member.

He had also worked in a residential care home for over 5 years.

Mr Jones had:

  • significant experience of managing and overseeing quality assurance systems
  • a proven track record of implementing a provider’s policies and procedures
  • NVQ level 2 and 3 in care and a registered managers award (NVQ level 4)
  • kept up to date with his mandatory training
  • done extra training in mental health and was a dementia champion.

Registered provider application

Mr Jones had money to start up the business. He could tell us where this money had come from and had evidence of his business account. The business finance was sound and allowed for contingencies, such as loss of income. Mr Jones had looked at the local market very carefully including discussions with the local council and other commissioners. He was confident about running the business and understood the financial pressures put on DCA providers.

Jones Care Limited had bought some policies and procedures online. Mr Jones had reviewed and adapted these to the service and written others himself. He could tell us in detail how they applied to the running of the service.

Jones Care Limited had a clear staff induction, appraisal, supervision and training system that supported the aims and objectives of the service.

Our decision

We registered Jones Care Limited to run a domiciliary care agency and Mr Jones as the registered manager.

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