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Provider information return (PIR): adult social care services

  • Organisations we regulate

We need you to send us information about your service every year, including any changes you have made and how you make sure that your service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

This is to help us monitor the quality of care you provide.

We'll email you when it's time to fill in your return

We ask you to send us the information by filling in a web form. This is called a 'provider information return' (PIR).

We will send you a request to complete your PIR during the anniversary month of your first site visit from a CQC inspector.

You must fill in the form and submit it within four weeks from the date we email you.

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If you do not submit your PIR in time, the highest rating we can give you for 'well-led' is requires improvement.

The type of information we ask for

We ask about people who use your service, your staff and the way you run your service. This includes things like:

  • admissions and new clients
  • drugs and medicines management
  • nutrition and hydration
  • who commissions care from you
  • how you work with other services and professionals
  • staff training and supervision
  • your registered manager
  • awards you've won or initiatives you're involved in that help show the quality of care you provide
  • how you apply the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Some questions only apply to certain types of service.

The PIR process

We have listened to feedback on improving the PIR. We have revised the questions and how we are using the information. We will continue to use the PIR as part of any inspections that we may carry out.

Last updated:
06 August 2019


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