Provider information return (PIR): adult social care services

Page last updated: 19 January 2024
Organisations we regulate

We need you to send us information about your service every year, including any changes you have made and how you make sure that your service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

We use this information to monitor the quality of care you provide.

Invitation to complete the PIR

If you're a registered manager, we'll invite you to complete the provider information return (PIR). Each year, we'll send the invitation in the anniversary month of the first time we inspected your location. You'll have 4 weeks to complete and submit the PIR.

If you're the nominated individual, we'll write to tell you the registered manager has been invited to complete the PIR. We will not send you a link to the PIR (unless you are also the registered manager).

We will send you a link to update the registered manager’s contact details if they have changed. Do this promptly. Your new manager will not be given extra time to complete the PIR. You must also complete this statutory notification form to tell us about the new manager.

Complete the PIR

You must provide up-to-date information each time we ask you to complete a PIR. Do not share your PIR link. It is unique to you.

You can save the form and return to it later. We’ll email you an unique link for you to return to your form.

Your PIR will be pre-populated with your location name and ID, address, registration date, provider name and ID, your organisation type. If any of this information is incorrect, contact us for help.

If you have difficulty completing the PIR, try these troubleshooting tips.

Answer the questions

You need to answer the questions in the correct order. This way, you won’t miss any mandatory answers. We will ask you to complete a different PIR for each type of service you provide. To help you prepare your answers, these are the questions we'll ask depending on your service type:

We’re looking for a snapshot of your service. Some of your answers are limited to 500 words. If we need more information, your inspector will contact you.

We’ve improved the PIR based on your feedback. So some of the questions might look a little different than in previous years.

This guide will help you to complete the PIR:

Submit the form

Make sure you complete and submit the form within 4 weeks of the letter we sent to you. If you do not submit the PIR on time, your rating for well-led could be limited to requires improvement. If you need more time, contact us.

After you submit the form

Once you click ‘submit’, you’ll see a summary of all the answers you’ve given. You can print this if you like. Do not send a printed copy of the form to us.

You’ll also receive an email copy of the form you submitted. Do not forward this to us.


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For a quick response, include your username. You’ll find this on the invitation we sent to you.