Provider information return (PIR): information for adult social care services

Page last updated: 14 May 2024


We need you to send us information about your service every year, including any changes that you have made and how you ensure that your service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

The PIR helps us collect this information and is required by law under Regulation 17(3) of the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

The details you provide might also be used in national reports shared with important groups like Skills for Care and the Department of Health and Social Care.

PIR procedure:

  1. Registered managers receive an email that includes a hyperlink to the PIR form to enable it to be completed, a 4-week deadline is given for submission. This occurs annually and is sent on the anniversary month of your location's first initial site visit date.
  2. Nominated individuals are notified about the PIR request that has been sent to the registered manager, but they don't receive a separate PIR link unless they also serve as the registered manager.​
  3. PIR is to be completed by the registered manager with the latest information.​
  4. Following submission, a summary of the responses is displayed with an option to print, an email copy is then also sent to the email address recorded in the PIR. Do not forward any printed or email copies to CQC.
  5. Once the PIR has been reviewed, CQC may reach out to ask further questions regarding clarification of the submitted responses or to gather additional details.

The PIR link sent to you within the email is unique to your organisation and is not to be shared. It will be pre-populated with your location name and ID, address, registration date, provider name and ID and your organisation type. If any of this information is incorrect, contact us for help.

Changes to registered manager’s details

If the registered manager’s contact information is incorrect, the nominated individual will receive a link in their email to enable them to provide alternative details.   Any updates will need to be provided within one week, this will ensure the registered manager has adequate time to complete the PIR. We will not send any invites to an alternative email address after this period. Also, please remember to fill out the official online statutory notification form to inform us about the changes to the manager’s details as the link provided in the email is only for PIR purposes.

Guidance on completing the PIR

For more information and help completing the PIR form, see the PIR question guidance by service section.

Contact us

Any queries or comments you have regarding the PIR process are managed through our customer service centre.

You can contact them on 03000 616161 or email

Please ensure that all correspondence relating to the PIR includes the Location ID listed at the top of this letter. This will help us resolve your query more efficiently. ​