Board meeting: 27 March 2024

Date: 27 March 2024
2 Redman Place, London E20 1JQ
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Agenda (March 2024) (odt, 36.53kB, English)

Opening matters

Strategic discussions

Executive team report (odp, 72.95kB, English)
Future performance reporting - Annex A (odp, 735.09kB, English)

Reporting updates

Our people survey results - cover paper (odt, 47.49kB, English)
Our people survey results - report (odp, 2.64MB, English)
Culture change/values progress report (odt, 165.84kB, English)

Policy matters and external environment

Martha’s Rule update and role of CQC (odt, 54.31kB, English)

Matters requiring board approval

Board and committee matters

Any other business