Evidence categories

Page last updated: 25 October 2023


Evidence categories for sector groups

We have listed the key evidence categories by sector groups. We’ll prioritise collecting evidence in these categories as part of our assessments. These lists are a guide, not a checklist.

We will collect evidence in all the key evidence categories for a particular quality statement:

  • for our first assessments under the new approach
  • following new registrations.

We may look at other categories as well if evidence suggests that we need to.

It is only the first assessment of our new approach, and for services newly registering with us, that we’ll look at every key evidence category. For future assessments we may review evidence just in particular categories.

There are small differences between which categories we look at within sector groups. In each list we have marked where categories only apply to certain services.

We can tailor the assessment framework by selecting different evidence categories between sectors. We will look at different evidence types under each category to tailor assessments further. The evidence available will vary between services. For example:

  • each core service in NHS acute hospitals will have different types
  • services operate in different ways yet have similar key evidence categories. For example care homes and supported living services.

We're publishing this information in draft as we engage with providers on the detail of our guidance. We will improve it following feedback.

Evidence categories