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Monitoring GP practices

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We are making greater use of intelligence to regulate services.

The GP Insight model brings together existing national data on practices in one place, combining quantitative and qualitative data, allowing us to monitor changes in the quality of care outside of our inspections in order to support our decision making and regulatory response.

The data within the Insight model does not constitute a judgement on performance, but informs our inspection teams. Our judgements on quality and safety will continue to come only after inspection and we will not make judgements on data alone.

GP insight is one element of our intelligence-based approach. We continue to liaise closely with NHS England, CCGs and other organisations to understand the local situation each practice operates in.

From April 2018 we will be including relevant Insight data in evidence tables, which will be published alongside our inspection reports.

In July 2017 we published a version of the Insight data for GP practices that contained the published data available at that time.

Last updated:
23 April 2018


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