Urgent and emergency care survey 2022 – type 3 services

Publish Date: 25 July 2023

This survey looked at the experiences of people using type 3 urgent and emergency care services in 2022.

Type 3 services include urgent treatment centres, and may also be known as minor injury units. The survey only includes services directly run by an acute NHS trust.

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About these scores

Most questions are grouped under the section in which they appear in the questionnaire.

We asked people to answer questions about different aspects of their care and treatment. Based on their responses, we gave each NHS trust a score out of 10 for each question (the higher the score the better).

Each trust also received a rating of ‘Much better’, ‘Better’, ‘Somewhat better’, ‘About the same’, ‘Somewhat worse’, ‘Worse’ or ‘Much worse’.

More detailed information on the methodology is available in the technical document on the UEC survey page.

Where a section score is not present (‘Overall score unavailable’) this is due to a question(s) being missing from that section (‘Not applicable’) meaning that no section score can be produced. Questions have been excluded where too few people answered a question (less than 30 respondents). This is because the uncertainty around the result is too great.