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Provider collaboration reviews

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Our provider collaboration reviews (PCRs) look at how health and social care providers are working together in local areas. They aim to help providers learn from each other's experience of responding to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our first PCRs will focus on 11 areas. These areas are all Integrated Care Systems (ICS) or Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP).

Why we're carrying out these reviews

We aim to share learning between providers to support them:

  • to work together effectively and improve people's experiences and outcomes
  • as they re-establish regular services
  • to help drive improvement ahead of any future pressures (winter 2020/21 or COVID spikes)

What we're doing

In these 11 areas we will focus on health and social care services for people over 65. This group has been particularly affected by coronavirus. Reviews will include a focus on their experience of urgent and emergency care services.

Areas we are reviewing
  • Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes ICS
  • Devon STP
  • Frimley Health and Care ICS
  • Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS
  • Lincolnshire STP
  • Norfolk and Waveney STP
  • North East and North Cumbria ICS
  • North West London STP
  • One Gloucestershire ICS
  • Sussex Health and Care Partnership ICS
  • The Black Country and West Birmingham STP

We will:

  • look at the data we hold together with information held by local inspection teams
  • hold conversations, focus groups and workshops between inspection teams and providers. We'll use key lines of enquiry to structure these sessions
  • seek views from people who use services, using the Healthwatch network.

Participation in the reviews is not mandatory, and the findings of the reviews will not affect individual providers’ ratings.

How we will report

Review teams will give feedback to each area. We will report themes arising from these 11 reviews in:

  • our COVID-19 Insight report (September)
  • State of Care (October)
Last updated:
21 July 2020