Trends in the Adult Inpatient Survey 2005-2014

Page last updated: 12 May 2022

Read the results of our latest analysis which looks at the experiences of people receiving adult inpatient services over the last ten years.

Eligibility and participation

  • Participants: 702,607 since 2005
  • Response rate: 53 per cent average over the last 10 years
  • Age range: 16 years and older
  • Time period: 2005 to 2014
  • Eligibility: Patients aged 16 years or older, with at least one overnight stay between June and August.
  • Exclusions: Patients treated for maternity or psychiatric reasons, patients admitted for planned termination of pregnancy, day case patients, private patients (non-NHS).

Key Findings for England

Overall over ten years, results indicate that patients’ experiences of care have generally been good. However, most areas we ask patients about have seen little meaningful change or improvement. Where substantial improvements are evident, these seem to be associated with the introduction of national policies and initiatives, for example in cleanliness and mixed sex accommodation. Although most areas of patient experience have remained static or showed improvement there have been areas of deterioration, for example in waiting times.

The statistical release provides the main findings together with contextual policy information and information on the survey methodology.

Trends in the Adult Inpatient Survey 2005-2014: Statistical release

Trust level data has not been produced for this analysis, but benchmark reports that show how trusts have performed on questions that could be scored in each area covered by the survey have been published for all the surveys used for this analysis. You can view the most recent benchmark reports on the NHS Surveys website. The technique used to analyse these results allows us to identify which trusts we can confidently say performed 'better’, ‘worse’ or 'about the same’ compared with most other trusts.

Picker Institute Europe and The King’s Fund have undertaken analyses of long-term trust-level data to indicate individual trust performance and variation, and is due for publication in December 2015.

Open data

The file below contains the data for England:

Trends in the Adult Inpatient Survey 2005-2014: Open data

Pre-release access list

You can find a list of individuals that had access to the results of the survey prior to publication below.

Trends in the Adult Inpatient Survey 2005-2014: Pre-release access list