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Support for improvement

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The support that is available to help services improve the quality of their care varies between and within health and care sectors, and across England. Some services have limited access to the support they need.

Health and social care providers across the country need an equal and consistent offer of improvement. Providers and systems need access to shared learning, information, advice and support, so they can be empowered to help themselves. Information is needed so they can understand their performance against similar services, which in turn can help them access the specific support they need to implement changes.

Technology changes present an opportunity for rapid improvement in health and care, but services don’t always understand or implement them well. A culture of learning is paramount if individual services and systems of care are to drive the improvements needed.

There is often a need for localised improvement across health and care services in an area. It is important to get this right for people who use different services within a system, as improvement results in ways that people recognise: easier access to the most appropriate services at the right time, fewer avoidable mistakes, and better experiences and outcomes, all delivered by a diverse workforce that is thriving.

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Last updated:
15 October 2020