How we are testing our approach to integrated care system assessments

Published: 28 September 2023 Page last updated: 28 September 2023

We previously confirmed that the 2 integrated care systems (ICSs) where we are piloting our new assessments are:

  • Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System
  • Dorset Integrated Care System

The assessment process has now started, and each pilot system has received a request for information from us. This is so we can collect the evidence that we need to review. As part of our assessment, we are speaking directly with people using health and care services and with staff working in the ICS about their experiences.

We will also carry out on-site interviews for each ICS in the pilot. Specialist advisors and executive reviewers, who are experts in different health and care sectors, will be part of the team carrying out the assessments.

During the pilots, we will be testing our assessment methods, including how we:

  • work with partners and stakeholders, including NHS England
  • use feedback from providers and people using services
  • involve Experts by Experience effectively in our assessments
  • use our tools and methods, including the information return
  • enable efficient ways of working

For each of the pilots, we want to look at:

  • how leadership works
  • whether systems are integrated
  • progress towards reducing inequalities
  • how quality and safety is managed across local services.

We will provide a report of the findings from the assessment for each ICS in the pilot. However, the Department of Health and Social Care has agreed that we should not generate ratings for these pilots.

We will complete a full evaluation of the pilot assessments and incorporate our learning into our formal assessments which will start in 2024.

Our approach to formal assessments may be subject to further government approval, as required by the Health and Care Act 2022.