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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 29 September 2011
Date of Publication: 5 December 2011
Inspection Report published 5 December 2011 PDF | 106.83 KB


Inspection carried out on 29 September 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

Most patients told us that they understood the care and treatment choices available to them. One patient said, "I’ve been given literature about my condition and treatment each step of the way to help me take it all in and help me reflect, I know I’m in the driving seat." However, one patient told us that they had not been given enough information to enable them to make an informed choice about treatment.

Patients told us that they could express their views and were involved in making decisions about their care and treatment. One patient said, "I’m in control, they give me the information I need and I make my own decisions." Patients told us their privacy and dignity was respected.

Patients told us that they were able to give consent to the care and treatment that they received. They also told us that they understood and knew how to change any decisions about care and treatment that had been previously agreed.

One patient told us they were very satisfied with the way their individual care needs had been assessed and managed. Another patient said, "I’ve had ultrasounds and x-rays, and other procedures in other departments and they’ve all been brilliant." Some patients had experienced delay in the implementation of their assessment and treatment plans. Two patients expressed their frustration that they had not been told about delays to their planned procedures. Neither patient had been told to anticipate delays nor were they given an explanation of the reason for the delay and what was being done to address the problems.

One patient told us that the food was fine but said, "Then again, I’d eat anything, it’s not always that hot but I don’t mind that." One patient said, "[The food was] absolutely diabolical, even the sandwiches are old, pre-packed, dry and awful." Another patient said, "The food is very poor, lukewarm at best."

One patient thought the liaison between services was, "excellent." Another patient told us that there had been very good communication between departments and that information had been shared with them so that they knew what was happening and planned for them. However, three patients we spoke with in the discharge lounge had experienced significant delays waiting for their prescriptions to be filled by the hospital pharmacy and for transport to take them home.

Patients told us that they felt safe and they knew who to speak to if they had any concerns. Patients told us that they were happy with the premises.

Patients told us that their needs were met by competent staff. They also told us that staff were well trained and worked hard. Most patients knew where their records were kept and were happy they were available for staff to use but kept secure enough so as to be safe and confidential.