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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 16 September 2011
Date of Publication: 20 October 2011
Inspection Report published 20 October 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 16 September 2011

During a routine inspection

People told us they were involved in decisions about their care and treatment and were

kept informed of their progress. Some people we spoke with had been given leaflets about their treatments. Others told us they understood why they were in hospital and what treatment they needed.

Information about the hospital was not consistently available. Some people said that they had been given information about their treatment and the hospital although others were unaware of this. Some people had been in this hospital before so they knew what facilities were available and shared this with fellow patients. One person said "no information was given to me, but I have been in here before so I know what facilities there are". Another person said "it does not seem to be automatic, but when I asked I was told about the facilities here, but no booklet was given to me".

There were mixed responses when we asked people if they had been asked for feedback on their experience of using the hospital; most people said they had not been asked but a few had completed a questionnaire. We discussed this with senior members of the management team who said they wanted to increase the number of surveys people complete; this is noted as a priority in this year's annual plan.

People's needs were assessed and reviewed to make sure that they received the right

treatment. We saw staff treat people with dignity and respect. Staff were able to adapt their care to meet the differing needs of people. One person said "the staff are always respectful as I'm very independent and they do care for more dependent people. I'm always listened to and I can do my own thing".

We observed the care people received. We saw that staff were well organised, cheerful and friendly and that they had time for people. There appeared to be enough staff to meet people's needs and we saw call bells were answered reasonably quickly. One person said "staff come quickly when I need them, you don't have to wait. All the staff are excellent. There is plenty of staff day and night".

People were protected from abuse and the risk of harm. People told us they felt safe in the hospital. There were very few concerns raised with us during our two day inspection. The majority of people we spoke with said they were happy with their care and treatment and were very complimentary towards staff.

People spoke very highly of the care that they received from individual staff. Their

comments included "I am very happy with how staff treat me, they are very respectful and kind", "they are extremely kind, caring and respectful. All the staff are very cheerful and positive" and "all of the staff have been wonderful, kind and patient. They always have time for you".

People we spoke with told us they felt they were cared for by competent staff. Comments included "yes, I feel the staff are very competent, they know what care I need", "they always make me feel they know what they are doing" and "I have found all the staff here, including the doctors, very good and they certainly know what they are doing".

We spoke with people who had used the hospital on separate occasions over recent years and one person said "I have been in this hospital before and I thought they have always been very good, but things seemed to have improved and it's a lot better now". Another person said "over the years I have been a patient in the hospital and used outpatients as I am today. The hospital is very good and they always seem to be trying to make things better. When you hear stories about other hospitals we are very lucky to have one like Yeovil".