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Inspection report

Date of Publication: 13 July 2013
Inspection Report published 13 July 2013 PDF

There should be enough members of staff to keep people safe and meet their health and welfare needs (outcome 13)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by sufficient numbers of appropriate staff.

How this check was done

We reviewed information given to us by the provider and reviewed information sent to us by commissioners of services.

Our judgement

There were enough qualified, skilled and experienced staff to meet people's needs.

Reasons for our judgement

During our first inspection of this service undertaken on 5 March 2013 we found that the provider had not been compliant with regulations regarding staff availability.

We identified that the provider did not employ staff to carry out the service provided by the agency. Arrangements put in place by the provider meant that a carer from an employment agency was being used to cover the calls of the six people who used the service at that time. This had meant that people's care and support needs were not always being met in a timely manner. This was because the provider had committed to providing a service to more than one person at the same time, with just one carer to cover all of the calls. People depended on carers to support them regarding the prompting of the administration of their medicines and the preparation of their meals, therefore it was important that they received care at the times that they needed.

Local authority staff involved in monitoring the service told us that they were also concerned that people's care and support needs were not being met in a timely manner. Whilst people told us that they were happy with the support they received from their carer, it was of major concern that no progress had been made towards recruiting new staff. We judged that this had a major impact on the six people that were using the service and we served a warning notice in relation to this.

The provider wrote to us in a timely manner and told us how improvements had been made. With the involvement of local authority staff, the provider reduced the number of people who used the service from six to two. This was to ensure that staff was available to provide care and support that met people's needs. Shortly afterwards, alternative care support was found for the remaining two people. The provider told us that it was their intention that they would not provide a service until the time that staff had been recruited.

Since our first inspection, a care manager had been employed at the service. This person worked alongside the provider to provide care and support to people using the service. The provider sent us information which showed that this person had the necessary skills and experience to fulfil the job role. However, at the time of writing this report, we are unable to fully assess competence in this area because the agency is not currently providing care and support to people.

The provider told us that plans were in progress to advertise for, recruit and train further new staff. The provider has given us assurance that until the time that this has been achieved, a service will not be provided.