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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 14 April 2014
Date of Publication: 13 June 2014
Inspection Report published 13 June 2014 PDF


Inspection carried out on 14 April 2014

During a routine inspection

The inspection was carried out by an adult social care inspector. We considered all the evidence we had gathered under the outcomes we inspected. We used the information to answer the five questions we always ask;

� Is the service caring?

� Is the service responsive?

� Is the service safe?

� Is the service effective?

� Is the service well led?

Below is a summary of what we found. The summary is based on our observations during the inspection, speaking with people who used the service and the staff supporting them, and from looking at records.

If you want to see the evidence supporting our summary please read the full report.

� Is the service caring?

We observed interactions throughout the day between the person who used the service and the member of staff supporting them. The member of staff encouraged the person who used the service to participate in a range of activities and offered assistance and guidance compassionately and patiently.

People�s preferences, interests, aspirations and diverse needs had been recorded and care and support had been provided in accordance with people�s wishes.

� Is the service responsive?

Staff knew the people they cared for and understood their preferences and personal histories.

Staff listened and acted in respect of the person's views and decisions. The person who used the service was given information at the time they needed it, in a way they could understand.

We saw that people's care needs were kept under review and care plans were updated when required.

� Is the service safe?

Systems were in place to make sure that managers and staff learnt from events such as accidents and incidents, complaints, concerns, whistleblowing and investigations. This reduced the risks to people and helped the service to continually improve.

People were not put at unnecessary risk but also had access to choice and remained in control of decisions about their care and lives.

The registered manager sets the staff rotas, they take people�s care needs into account when making decisions about the numbers, qualifications, skills and experience required. This helped to ensure that people�s needs were always met.

� Is the service effective?

Advocacy information was available. This meant that people who used the service could access additional support when required.

The people who used the service had their health and care needs assessed. We saw the care plans reflected their current needs.

Relatives confirmed that they were able to see people throughout the day.

� Is the service well led?

The staff we spoke with told us they were clear about their roles and responsibilities. Staff had completed training so they were confident to carry out all aspects of their role. This helped to ensure that people received a good quality service at all times.

The service had a quality assurance system and records we looked at showed that identified shortfalls were addressed promptly. As a result the quality of the service was continually improving.

What people who used the service and those that matter to them said about the care and support they received.

A relative we spoke told us, �It�s (the home) always clean.�

A relative we spoke with said, �The staff are great, they have all built good relationships with him (the person who used the service) so he trusts them� and went on to say, �I am involved with all the meetings and decisions, I meet with the manager here and also go to all his appointments, hospitals and doctors.�