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Archived: British Red Cross-Crisis Intervention Community Support Services

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12 February 2013
Date of Publication: 9 March 2013
Inspection Report published 9 March 2013 PDF | 85.87 KB

The service should have quality checking systems to manage risks and assure the health, welfare and safety of people who receive care (outcome 16)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Benefit from safe quality care, treatment and support, due to effective decision making and the management of risks to their health, welfare and safety.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, carried out a visit on 12 February 2013, talked with people who use the service and talked with carers and / or family members. We talked with staff.

Our judgement

The provider had an effective system to regularly assess and monitor the quality of service that people receive. The provider had an effective system in place to identify, assess and manage risks to the health, safety and welfare of people using the service and others.

Reasons for our judgement

The manager showed us a system they used to monitor the quality of the service they provided based on the essential standards of quality and safety. These standards are designed to help providers’ comply with the Health and Social Care Act (2008).

The manager said they worked closely with the commissioners of the service, which consisted of local general practitioners (GPs). The manager said they had regular meetings with the GPs to ensure the services were meeting the needs of local people who required emergency support to enable them to remain, or return to, their own homes.

We saw results produced from survey forms that had been sent to commissioners, relatives and people who used the service. We saw comments made were extremely positive. Examples of comments made were, “Amazing” and “I didn’t realise the Red Cross did things like this.” The manager told us how they had changed the way they fed information back about the service to the GPs as a result of feedback received.

Health care assistants said at the end of the service when they told people it had now finished they asked them if they have any comments. A health care assistant told us, “We have a form which they can put any comments on they choose.” A person who had used the service told us, “We were asked to complete a questionnaire on the last day. I was more than happy to.” Another person who had used the service told us, “I thought it was a brilliant service. I left them a thank you card telling them it was very much appreciated.”

When we asked one person about the service they said, “Thank you for asking me about them, I am so pleased to be able to tell you how good they were. Please put this in your report.”

A health care assistant told us, “We also have complaint forms with us if people are unhappy about anything.” The health care assistant showed us an information leaflet they gave to new people who used the service and this included information on how people could make any comment or complaint if they wished to.

A health care assistant told us in the event of anything going wrong, or nearly doing so, there was an adverse incident form they filled in. This provided an opportunity for the manager to learn from any incidents that took place, or nearly did, so they could make any changes to prevent a reoccurrence.