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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 5 July 2011
Date of Publication: 11 August 2011
Inspection Report published 11 August 2011 PDF | 49.6 KB


Inspection carried out on 5 July 2011

During a routine inspection

The relative of a user of the service said that she had been fully involved in the pre admission assessment process. The resulting care pathway had been shared with the relative including the outcome of subsequent reviews. This person considered the care and support offered was of a very high standard and that relatives were also very well supported. We were told, “They accept her illness and see through her illness with respect and calmness. The home is there for them, not just to give a service”.

A person living at the home said, “This is a lovely home to live in. I never thought I would settle but I did, staff are so kind”.

Without exception relatives and residents with mentally capacity, spoke very positively of the high quality care and support provided at Hillcroft (Slyne). A person living at the home told us, “The care here is very good and all the staff are very good. I am not just saying that I really mean it”. A relative said, “The facilities here are some of the best in the country, my wife is well taken care of. I feel highly that the staff are very competent”.

One person who was interviewed in her bedroom was very pleased with her personal space describing it as very comfortable, bright and “Right for me”. A relative said, “The cleanliness and food is fantastic. Its home from home as much as it can be. They are on the ball with everything”. Another relative said, “My wife is very comfortable living here, and well looked after”.

We were told that there is always a sufficient number and skill mix of staff on duty in each unit throughout the 24 hour period to meet individually assessed needs. A person living at the home stated that she never had to wait long for anything and that staff were, “Very good”. A relative commented, “I cannot say anything about anything, everything is really pretty good.” This same person, who visits often, said that in her experience the privacy and dignity of people living at the home was always very well respected by the staff group. Another relative told us, “They (the staff) listen and act upon what is said or any queries you may have. They always take on board what you are saying. My ***** is happy here, never unhappy, she loves the carers”. Another person said, “They ask if I think my ***** needs are being met or not or if there was anything else that they could do to make things better. There is a lot of humour in the unit, she is relaxed here, now content and happy, not distressed”. A member of staff told us, “We always try to do our best, I really enjoy working here”.