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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 21 January 2013
Date of Publication: 13 February 2013
Inspection Report published 13 February 2013 PDF | 75.19 KB


Inspection carried out on 21 January 2013

During a routine inspection

People using the service told us and we found their needs were met by staff and they felt well supported. This included being enabled to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions. They were treated with respect and were happy living in the accommodation provided . People felt safe, protected and chose what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it. They told us that they were involved in planning their care and had signed their tenancy agreements and care plans. They also told us they had access to their records. They said "I am perfectly happy" and "No problems at all".

The records and care practices we saw supported what people had told us. People received care and support in a risk assessed and monitored environment. Staff were friendly, supportive, knew their jobs and there were enough of them to meet people's needs. They also received the support they required from the organisation to carry out their jobs and responsibilities efficiently. People were supported to make complaints as required and knew who to complain to. There were no current safeguarding alerts or complaints.