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Mydentist - Elwick Road - Ashford Also known as my dentist

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 18 September 2012
Date of Publication: 12 October 2012

People should be treated with respect, involved in discussions about their care and treatment and able to influence how the service is run (outcome 1)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Understand the care, treatment and support choices available to them.
  • Can express their views, so far as they are able to do so, and are involved in making decisions about their care, treatment and support.
  • Have their privacy, dignity and independence respected.
  • Have their views and experiences taken into account in the way the service is provided and delivered.

How this check was done

Our judgement

The provider was meeting this standard.

People’s privacy and dignity were respected.

User experience

We spoke with four patients. All said that they were made aware of the choices open to them. All felt that they were treated with dignity and that their privacy was respected. One said,” I am part of the discussion … (about treatment)”.

Other evidence

We saw that there was a wide range of information leaflets and posters, detailing services and treatments, available in the practice reception area.

There was a comments box in reception for patients’ use. There were surveys twice yearly. There were plans to make the survey a rolling process. The survey results showed a high degree of satisfaction with the service. Often responses showed 90% and more being satisfied. The practice acted on the comments and surveys. For example new chairs and radio had been installed in reception in response to patients’ suggestions.

We saw from records that patients had sometimes made a choice to have private treatment, then changed their mind, and reverted to NHS treatments. This caused them no problems. The option of doing nothing about some of their dental problems, and the consequences, was made clear to patients. On occasion, patients exercised this option.

We saw reception staff treated patients with respect. Confidentiality was respected. For example we heard staff say,” are (123) the last numbers of your mobile?”, rather than repeating the patient’s entire phone number in the reception area.

Consultations for treatment took place in private with only the dentist and a dental nurse present.