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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 8 November 2013
Date of Publication: 3 December 2013
Inspection Report published 03 December 2013 PDF


Inspection carried out on 8 November 2013

During a routine inspection

Bourne Bridge House provided a home for up to eight people. On the day of the inspection, there were six people living at the home and one person on a respite stay at weekends. People lived in either the main house or in adjoining cottages in the grounds. The home provided a home for life arrangement for people which gave them security that they could live at Bourne Bridge for as long as they chose.

Two people were out on the day of the inspection at a community skittles session and were then going out for lunch. We met with the other three people who were at home. One of these were about to go out to a swimming session. We spoke with another person who had chosen to stay at home. They showed us around their cottage, which included a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. Their bedroom had been personalised and we were told that it had been decorated to take account of the person�s chosen wall paper and individual preference of decoration.

Although people�s capacity to consent to their care and treatment was limited, we observed staff who gave people choice about what they did or what they chose to eat. People without verbal skills were able to make their wishes clear to staff and staff understood their needs. Best interest meetings were held regularly with people who knew the person well. Local advocates were used by people at the home to represent their views. People at the home had high and challenging behavioural needs. Staff were observed to know the people well. Staff worked on a ratio of one or two staff members to each person, which ensured individual needs were met and any risk reduced. People recognised and responded to staff in a comfortable manner.

We spoke with the acting manager who assisted us with the inspection and also spoke with four other members of staff. Staff said they enjoyed their work with people at the home and told us that �everyone was very supportive� and that �we all work as a close team to support people living here�. New staff followed a full induction programme at the start of their employment. Staff told us that received �good� training on a regular basis.

People who use the service, their family and advocates can be confident that personal records were accurate, up to date and confidential. We were told that the provider visited the home each month to conduct a monthly quality audit to ensure high standards were maintained throughout the home.