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Caterham Domiciliary Care Agency Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 31 July 2014
Date of Publication: 4 October 2014
Inspection Report published 04 October 2014 PDF | 81.71 KB


Inspection carried out on 31 July 2014

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

We carried out this inspection to check whether the provider had taken action to address the concerns we identified at our last inspection of the service in November 2013.

At our last inspection we found that people who used the service had not been involved in the development of their care plans and that the provider had not assessed whether people had the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. There was no evidence that the provider had not developed contingency plans to ensure that people would continue to receive care in the event of an emergency. We found that the provider not obtained appropriate references for all staff employed. We also found that, although the provider had distributed satisfaction surveys to people, there was no system in place to collate the results of the surveys, record the action taken as a result and to feed back to people who used the service.

At this inspection we found that the provider had increased the involvement of people in the development of their care plans and had introduced mental capacity assessments. The provider was able to demonstrate that appropriate references had been obtained for all staff and that contingency plans for use in an emergency had been developed.

Almost all the people who used the homecare service and their relatives provided positive feedback about the service they received from the agency. They said that they received their care from regular care workers, which was important to them, and that their care workers almost always arrived on time. People gave positive feedback about the care workers who provided their support. One person said of their care worker, �She looks after me very well. I�m very lucky to have her.� Relatives also spoke highly of the homecare service. One relative told us, �The care has been fantastic. I�d recommend them to anyone� and another said, �I�m confident in the staff. They�re very proficient in what they do and they listen to the client, which is the most important thing.� One relative told us that they had raised a concern with the provider about their family member�s care. The relative said that they were dissatisfied with the provider�s initial response but that the service was now �improving.�

People who lived in properties owned by the provider told us that they felt safe and secure where they lived. They said that they knew and liked the care workers who supported them. One person told us, �I feel settled here� and another said, �I�m happy, I�ve got nothing to complain about.�

We checked a sample of care records in each of the properties owned by the provider and found that each person had an individual care plan. However we found that some people�s care records did not contain all the information required to ensure that people received safe and appropriate care. We also found that some care staff were not aware of the content of people�s care plans, which meant that people were potentially at risk of receiving inappropriate care because staff were unaware of how people needed and preferred their care to be provided.

We found that there were systems in place to obtain the views of people who used the service. However we found that the provider had not developed a system to assess and monitor the quality of service that people received. This meant that the provider could not assure themselves that key aspects of the service were functioning effectively and that people who used the service were receiving the care and support they required.