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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 19, 20 April 2011
Date of Publication: 1 June 2011
Inspection Report published 1 June 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 19, 20 April 2011

During a routine inspection

We made a visit to the service on 20 April 2011, during which we spoke with eight people living at Kimbolton Lodge and observed the care provided to most.

People told us that the staff treated them with respect and asked them about how they wanted their care to be provided. They also confirmed that they were able to make decisions about their care and how they spend their time.

The people that we spoke with during our visit were positive about the support they received from the staff team and confirmed that the staff providing care did so in a caring way. For example, we were told that the staff looked after resident�s medication and made it available as and when they wanted it. One person told us how grateful they were for this, as in the past they had often forgotten to take their medication. No one suggested that they had to wait for medication when they needed it.

People told us that the food provided was good and plentiful and, although some people made comments about preferring stronger flavours or different ways of preparing a certain dish, all were confident that if they had any real requests these would be granted. One person said, �I am sure if I asked for spicy food I would get it but you have to consider the other people living here.� People told us that the cook regularly asked them about the meal they wanted or if they had enjoyed the meal that had been served. In addition, people told us how they were able to influence changes in the home by either voicing concerns at residents� meeting or completing the satisfaction surveys they were given.

Although the bedrooms were all very different, everyone we spoke with was happy with the room they had. We saw that they had been able to personalise their bedrooms with belongings, and even small items of furniture, from home.