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Archived: Ashleigh House

The provider of this service changed - see new profile

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 21 January 2011
Date of Publication: 29 March 2011
Inspection Report published 29 March 2011 PDF

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People should be treated with respect, involved in discussions about their care and treatment and able to influence how the service is run (outcome 1)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Understand the care, treatment and support choices available to them.
  • Can express their views, so far as they are able to do so, and are involved in making decisions about their care, treatment and support.
  • Have their privacy, dignity and independence respected.
  • Have their views and experiences taken into account in the way the service is provided and delivered.

How this check was done

Our judgement

• Overall, we found that Ashleigh House was meeting this essential standard

User experience

They said that staff and others involved in their care always respected their privacy, dignity and listened to their views about the way the service was provided and delivered.

One person said,” My key worker is very good at telling me about things that are happening, They always ask what I want to do, and if I don't want to do something such as going into Town, that's ok, they don't try to persuade me to go".

Other evidence

The provider compliance assessment received from the provider, clearly stated that people who used the service were consulted on all aspects of the care that they received. Information stated that each person was encouraged to make decisions relating to their care and treatment.

Where appropriate, encouragement and support was provided in relation to promoting individual autonomy, independence and community involvement. The provider told us that there were policies and procedures in place in relation to promoting people's privacy, dignity and independence.

Prior to admission to the location, each person would have a pre-admission assessment completed and that each person fully contributes to this assessment, as well as others involved with the person life. Following admission, more detailed care plans and risk assessments were completed with input from people who use services by taking into account their expressed wishes, choices and preferences. Multi disciplinary agencies are involved in this process, to ensure the persons support needs and aspirations are met. Detailed health monitoring records were always maintained for all people who use services, and these were reviewed regularly to identify any changes to the people's health care needs.

People who use services were informed of choices available to them and the provider would always look to provide alternative solutions if necessary to meet each persons care treatment and support.

Support plans were always devised with each individual, and if necessary, with a multi disciplinary team with focus on the best interest of the person. Key worker reviews were held each month with people who use services, or any one acting on their behalf, this was to ensure that each person needs continued to be met. People who use services were supported to make their own choices in all aspects of their lives and care.

Staff follow policies and procedures, each person's agreed support plans, and were respectful of each person’s choices and wishes.

Information leaflets and other information about other agencies were displayed on notice boards. This information would include activities available in the local community. There are monthly meetings held for people who use services. People were encouraged to discuss areas for improvements, raise any concerns that they may have had, and discuss future events etc. Minutes of these meeting were kept We saw staff treating people who use services with respect during the site visit.