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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 25 April 2014
Date of Publication: 23 May 2014
Inspection Report published 23 May 2014 PDF


Inspection carried out on 25 April 2014

During a routine inspection

Our inspection of this domiciliary care service helped answer our five questions; Is the service caring? Is the service responsive? Is the service safe? Is the service effective? Is the service well led?

Below is a summary of what we found. The summary is based on our observations during the inspection, a random telephone survey of people using the service, their relatives, the staff supporting them and from looking at records.

If you want to see the evidence supporting our summary please read the full report.

Is the service safe?

People were treated with respect and dignity by the staff. People told us they felt safe with

the staff. One person who was a regular visitor to a person who uses the service told us they visited on several occasions during the day and had never witnessed poor practice from the staff.

Systems were in place to make sure that managers and staff learn from events such as accidents and incidents, complaints, concerns, whistleblowing and investigations. The provider reported safeguarding alerts to the local authority and notified CQC. This reduced the risks to people and helped the service to continually improve.

The registered manager sets the staff rotas, they take people's care needs into account when making decisions about the numbers, qualifications, skills and experience required. This helped to ensure that people's needs were always met.

Is the service effective?

People's health and care needs were assessed with them, and they were involved in writing their plans of care. Relatives that we spoke with confirmed they had been involved in the care planning when their relative were first started to receive care from the service. They also told us that the reviews held by the service reflected their current needs. Relatives that we spoke with confirmed that although they were not always informed formally when the care plans changed staff always spoke to them and would notify them immediately of any changes.

Is the service caring?

People told us that they were supported by kind and attentive staff.

Comments received from relatives included "Staff are kind and caring and were always willing to go a bit more to help�.

"When my family members health deteriorated it was the staff who spent a long time

sitting and encouraging them to eat and drink to avoid a hospital admission".

People using the service, their relatives, friends and other professionals involved with the service completed an annual satisfaction survey. Where shortfalls or concerns were raised these were addressed.

People's preferences and interests had been recorded and care and support had been provided in accordance with people's wishes.

Is the service responsive?

People told us they knew how to make a complaint if they were unhappy. We looked at the complaints record and found there had been no complaints made to the provider. We were told that the complaints policy was displayed at the various locations where the service provided care. The complaints policy we looked at had been designed, written and developed to be user friendly in an easy read pictorial format. Relatives confirmed that they had not needed to make a complaint. People could be assured that if a complaint had been received there was a system in place which would ensure investigation and action.

Is the service well-led?

The service worked well with the local authorities that had placed people with the domiciliary care agency. This ensured people received their care in a joined up way.

The service had a quality assurance system, records seen by us showed that identified shortfalls were addressed promptly. As a result the quality of the service was continuingly improving.

Staff told us they were clear about their roles and responsibilities. Staff had a good understanding of the ethos of the service and that quality assurance processes were in place. This helped to ensure that people received a good quality service at all times.