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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 23, 28 January 2013
Date of Publication: 27 February 2013
Inspection Report published 27 February 2013 PDF

Staff should be properly trained and supervised, and have the chance to develop and improve their skills (outcome 14)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by competent staff.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, reviewed information sent to us by other organisations, carried out a visit on 23 January 2013 and 28 January 2013 and observed how people were being cared for. We checked how people were cared for at each stage of their treatment and care, talked with people who use the service, talked with carers and / or family members and talked with staff.

Our judgement

People were cared for by staff who were supported to deliver care and treatment safely and to an appropriate standard.

Reasons for our judgement

We saw a training matrix which provided information about when staff required and had received relevant training. One our first visit we were informed that five carers were attending safeguarding training that afternoon, which was being provided by the council.

We spoke with two members of staff who informed us they had received training to help them carry out their job role. This included, equality and diversity training, health and safety, safeguarding of adults and manual handling. One person said, “I have just done a refresher for manual handling. It’s always interesting. You get to use different equipment and track hoists.” The staff spoken with had also achieved the national vocational qualification care (NVQ) in level 2 and the other person in level 3.

The provider had a system of supervision and appraisal to monitor performance and care staff to carry out their work. We saw supervision records for three staff which were up to date. We observed one member of staff have a formal supervision on our second visit.

Staff told us, “I have supervision every couple of months. They usually cover any concerns, progress, training issues and my development. The last one I had was in December” and” I find the supervisions useful, gives you the opportunity to speak about anything or any issues you have.”