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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 26 June 2012
Date of Publication: 23 July 2012
Inspection Report published 23 July 2012 PDF | 52.2 KB

People should be protected from abuse and staff should respect their human rights (outcome 7)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are protected from abuse, or the risk of abuse, and their human rights are respected and upheld.

How this check was done

We reviewed all the information we hold about this provider, carried out a visit on 26/06/2012, observed how people were being cared for, looked at records of people who use services, talked to staff and talked to people who use services.

Our judgement

People who use the service were protected from the risk of abuse, because the provider had taken reasonable steps to identify the possibility of abuse and prevent abuse from happening. The provider was meeting this standard.

User experience

One person told us, “I feel I’m safe. I would tell staff if I had any concerns about abuse. I haven’t had any complaints since I’ve been here but I would talk to the head staff or manager if I did.” Another person said, “ I feel safe here. I know that if something happened and there was an incident, you go to staff. You don’t react to it. But I’m glad to say that has never happened. “ A staff member told us, “ I would report to my line manager. I’d go to another senior manager if they were not there but they are always there. I would record clearly what happened and what action I’ve taken.”

Other evidence

At the last inspection the service was found to be non-compliant with standards in relation to a safeguarding concern raised by a complaint. Since then we found that the service had worked well with the local safeguarding team to address the main issues. The service was visited a number of times by the local council officers as part of the safeguarding investigation that arose at that time. The officers monitored how the service was implementing the action plan that resulted from this safeguarding process. The manager told us that they had achieved all the actions that were identified in the plan and we found evidence of this.

All staff in the home have received safeguarding training. The training included recognising signs of abuse and reporting abuse. The safeguarding policy and procedure had been updated and staff were aware of what action to take if they had any safeguarding concerns. The acting manager and supporting manager both reported that there had been no further safeguarding concerns since the last inspection.