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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 24 May 2012
Date of Publication: 18 June 2012
Inspection Report published 18 June 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 24 May 2012

During a routine inspection

We visited the service on 24 May 2012. We used a number of methods to help us understand the experience of people who used the service, because people were not able to tell us their views.

We observed the way six staff and the manager interacted with five people, using an observational tool designed for the Care Quality Commission. We spoke with four staff, the manager and area manager. We looked in detail at care records for one person and parts of records for four other people. We looked at a few policies, records about staff training and running of the home.

People we observed were treated as individuals and privacy was respected. People took part in their care in line with their abilities. Individual support was provided for personal care, during meals and for activities people enjoyed in the home and community.

People were unable to make care and treatment decisions, so these were regularly reviewed with families and health professionals. Best interest decisions were recorded and carried out.

Any risks to people�s health and welfare were monitored and reduced by the home working in cooperation with others and by arrangements in place to manage emergencies.

The provider and manager ensured that staff had appropriate professional development for their roles and to understand people�s conditions. Staff felt well supported and had appraisal to maintain high standards of care we observed.

There were no complaints or safeguarding concerns and few accidents took place. Staff knew how to recognise and respond if concerns arose, which would involve the local safeguarding process. There was a safe system which accounted for people�s money.

Information about the service and how to make a complaint were in accessible formats for use by people�s representatives or professionals on their behalf.