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Fouracres Care Services Inadequate

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 27 January 2014
Date of Publication: 22 February 2014
Inspection Report published 22 February 2014 PDF | 72.37 KB


Inspection carried out on 27 January 2014

During an inspection in response to concerns

We received information of concern that people's care needs were not being met as staff were not always available and were not trained to meet their needs. On arriving at the service we found one member of care staff and the manager working at the home. Two people were using the service. One person came out of their bedroom and appeared to be distressed. Although staff were aware of this they did not come and support the person.

We looked at one person's care plan and found that it did not show how the service would support them to develop their independent living skills. Apart from attending a work placement each week there was no other evidence his care plan that showed how the person's skills would be further developed. Staff spoken to could not tell us how they would work with the person to enable them to be more independent. We asked both staff and the manager how an emergency situation would be handled when only one member of staff was working in the service. They could not tell us how they would respond to a medical emergency.

We looked at the training records for the four staff currently working at the service. These showed that there were number of areas where all staff had not completed the relevant training. We saw that one person needed specific support in developing their independent living skills. Records showed that no staff had received this training.