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Archived: Kingston House Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 18 October 2012
Date of Publication: 10 December 2012
Inspection Report - DN published 10 December 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 18 October 2012

During a themed inspection looking at Dignity and Nutrition

We spoke with people who told us what it was like to live at this home. They described

how they were treated by staff and their involvement in making choices about their care. They also told us about the quality and choice of food and drink available. This was because this inspection was part of a themed inspection programme to assess whether older people living in care homes are treated with dignity and respect and whether their nutritional needs are met. The inspection team was led by a CQC inspector and an "expert by experience" (people who have experience of using services and who can provide that perspective).

We spoke with four people who were using the service and two visiting relatives. Everyone we spoke with confirmed that the staff treated them with respect and provided them with choices wherever possible. People spoken with were complimentary about the care and attention that they received

One person told us, �All the information about the home and the level of care I could expect was given both verbally and in writing�. They went on to say, �Staff are very, very good. I couldn�t ask for a better place to be in. It�s a homely place, there is nothing but happiness here�. Whilst they did not know the details of their care plan, they did know that their records were kept in the office and was certain that they only had to ask the manager if they had any queries and that any problems would be sorted out immediately saying, �Staff will help me at any time�.

A visiting relative told us, �I can go away on holiday now, knowing that my relative is well cared for� and went on to say, �As far as I�m concerned there is nothing bad about this place, it�s all good�.

Another person said, �I have no complaints about the staff, they never hurry me and treat me so well�, adding, �This home's excellent 100%, I�m very happy with my room, I get clean clothes every day. My daughter visits me and takes me out and she is very happy with the care I receive. I feel safe and content here, it�s like a family home�.

One person told us that, �I like the food, it�s always hot and portions are adequate, I clear my plate�, they added, If fish is on the menu and you don�t want it they will cook you an omelette�.

None of the people that we spoke with had any concerns about their safety in the service and we received a number of positive comments from people. For example, one person told us that, �I feel very, very safe here. There is definitely no abuse either physically or mentally. I would speak to the manager if I had any concerns�. Another person told us, �You can�t fault the care here�. A third person told us that, �I have no concerns but if I had I would speak to staff and I am confident they will help me�. A further comment received from a person using this service was, �I know my records are kept in the office and if I had any concerns I would speak to the manager and I am confident they would be quickly resolved".

Everyone we spoke with thought highly of the staff in the service. A visitor told us that, �Staff are absolutely brilliant, they always make me feel welcome and they are very attentive to my friend�. One person who didn't know where their care plan was, told us that, �I don�t know where my records are kept, but the staff will know�.