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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12 October 2011
Date of Publication: 22 May 2012


Inspection carried out on 12 October 2011

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

A number of people who live in the home have dementia and therefore not everyone was able to tell us about their experiences. To help us to understand the experiences people have we used our SOFI (Short Observational Framework for Inspection) tool. The SOFI tool allows us to spend time watching what is going on in a service and helps us to record how people spend their time, the type of support they get and whether they have positive experiences.

During our visit we spent fifty minutes observing people in the lounge. We noted that people who initiated conversation with staff, or who were more able to interact and respond, received more attention. They showed a more positive state of wellbeing. We observed the chef come into the lounge and speak to one person who had not received a lot of interaction. They brightened up straight away. We observed that three people were dozing as there was nothing to stimulate their interest.

We also observed some good interactions when a staff member sat down and spoke nicely with one person, and encouraged two people to take part in a game.

We saw interactions that were less respectful. We observed one person say ‘Where do I put this?’. Staff were trying to get the television to work and did not respond. We heard staff using phrases that did not show respect for the person such as, ‘He’s a lovely old dear really’; ‘She’s a big lady, I can’t carry her’. We heard staff say, ‘lunch is coming soon alright’ in quite an aggressive tone.

We spoke with one person who had not been feeling well. They told us that the staff had got them some medicine to make them feel better. They were happy and enjoyed their food at the home.

During our observations, not everyone had access to a drink at all times whilst sitting in the lounge, despite care plans stating that people should be encouraged to drink. People with limited mobility who were sitting in the lounge did not have access to a call bell when staff were not in the lounge.

The home is currently the subject of a safeguarding investigation due to concerns, relating to the care and welfare of the people who live in the home, being raised. The investigation is being carried out by Torbay Care Trust (TCT). The Local Authority have stopped placements at this home. Since 16 September 2011, Torbay Care Trust has been sending their own support staff into the home three times a day to monitor that people who live there are kept safe.