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Care Aware

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People find choosing care for themselves or a loved one to be one of life’s most stressful decisions.

A new survey which polled over 1,000 adults who were responsible for choosing care in a care home or at home – either for themselves or a loved one – over the last three years, highlighted that 70% of people found it more stressful than choosing their child’s nursery or school, or a venue for their wedding or civil partnership.

If you are thinking about or in the process or choosing a care home or care at home for yourself or a loved one, use our inspection reports and ratings to help you make an informed decision.

Your experiences

We spoke to people about their experiences of choosing a care home or organising care at home. They also gave us their tips to help you.

Photo of David

David's story

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Sue's story

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Geoffrey's story

Compare care services

Whatever care home you choose, or if you decide to organise care at home, your experience should be a positive one. Our reports and ratings can help you make the best choice for you.

Our map of service ratings across England shows the services we've inspected and links to their reports.

What to do about poor care

If you or a loved one experiences poor care, you should contact the service provider first. By law, all care services must have a complaints procedure.

If you are unhappy with the response, there are further steps you can take.

Our role as regulator means that we do not settle individual complaints ourselves, but we still want you to tell us about your experiences of care.

Last updated:
27 February 2018