Police involvement in an incident – notification form

Page last updated: 12 March 2024
Organisations we regulate

You must submit your notification online or send it by email

When and how to tell us about an incident relating to your service that is reported to or investigated by the police.

NHS trusts do not need to notify us about police attendance.

You must notify us of incidents which may affect someone's health, safety and welfare when using, visiting or working at your service. You must tell us as soon as possible.


Do not use this form if you have made a report to the police if a person using your service was affected by one of these events. In these cases you should use the specific notification form:

How to notify us

There are 2 ways you can tell us about police involvement.

Notify us online: new CQC portal

Use the online form: Police involvement in an incident.

Create an account or sign in to notify us using the new CQC provider portal

Email a Word form

Use this form to tell us about police involvement in an incident.

You must use this up-to-date form and provide all the information we ask for. If your form is incomplete we will return it to you.

Statutory notification: Incidents reported to or investigated by the police

NHS trusts do not need to notify us about police .

Email the completed form to HSCA_notifications@cqc.org.uk.

Your notification

Your acknowledgement number may be different to what you expect. As we upgrade our systems you will receive either an ENQ reference number, notification ID, or case ID. Any of these numbers will identify your notification.