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Before you apply

  • Organisations we regulate

Before you apply, you will need to:

  • be clear about the application you are making
  • understand the requirements of the legislation
  • be able to explain and show how you will follow the regulations.

You must have specific pieces of information ready before you apply:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service checks countersigned by CQC
  • your statement of purpose
  • all supporting documents requested.

It can take weeks for you to compile and organise this information. You should factor this into your planning from the outset.

When we assess your application you will need to attend interviews and answer questions. Your buildings must be ready when our inspector makes their registration site visit. Your nominated individual and proposed registered manager (if you need one) will also need to be involved.

Applications for services to:

Provide personal care

Applications from domiciliary care agencies (DCAs) for the regulated activity of personal care are the most likely to be delayed or refused. If you're making an application, check you can demonstrate that you meet the requirements.

Support people with a learning disability and/or autism

We have published guidance for new and existing service providers. 'Right support, right care, right culture' aligns with the national Transforming Care Programme and national service model.

Right support, right care, right culture

We recognise that providers need to make investment decisions around developing or expanding their services. These are taken far in advance of registering a service, but the likelihood of securing registration is a key factor in these decisions.

We often discuss proposals or development ideas with providers ahead of registration applications. This helps to understand if their proposal is likely to comply with the national service model.

We encourage you to discuss your ideas with us before you apply to register a service for people with a learning disability and/or autism.

We will listen to your proposals or development ideas before you submit a registration application. We will help with interpreting the requirements and give you specialist advice. From this discussion, we can advise on the likelihood of registration. But we can only decide whether to grant registration once we have an application and have conducted an assessment. It is your decision whether to move forward with a proposal and then apply for registration.

Once you have read 'Right support, right care, right culture', contact us by email. We encourage you to do this at an early stage of your planning. This email is pre-formatted so we can allocate your enquiry quickly. It asks:

  • you to confirm you have read 'Right support, right care, right culture'
  • where you and the service will be based (town/county/region)

We will put you touch with a registration specialist with a lead role for services for people with learning disabilities.

We will return your call within three working days. We may also arrange to meet you to discuss your proposals.

2. How long it takes to register

Last updated:
10 June 2021