When to display your rating

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

You must display your CQC ratings on posters at premises and on websites no later than 21 calendar days after we have published them on our website.

You still need to do this even if you have submitted a request for a review of ratings.

You may add a note to your display of ratings to explain that you have asked for a review but the ratings must still be clear and conspicuous.

If you are rated as inadequate or requires improvement, we encourage you to tell people how to find out about improvements or what you have changed since we published your ratings. You can use the space provided on our posters and display extra information next to the poster, but make sure it does not detract from it.

Regulatory history

If you take over an existing location from another provider, or provide the same service from a new address, CQC’s website will display the location’s ‘regulatory history’ (its rating and inspection report under a previous provider or from the previous address).

If you choose to display an inherited rating, you must make clear that it was awarded to the previous provider. You don’t legally have to display the rating awarded to the previous provider. We may take action against a provider that displays false or misleading ratings information. See guidance on continuation of regulatory history.

If you provide the same services from a new address, you still need to display its rating.

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