How we enforce the regulation

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

It is a legal requirement to display your CQC ratings.

If we assess that your rating is not displayed legibly and conspicuously, or it is inaccurate (for example, it does not show your most recent ratings or does not include all the information required), we will follow our enforcement policy and decision tree to decide our response.

Our response and use of enforcement powers will be proportionate to the circumstances of each case.

We may take enforcement action if:

  • your rating is not displayed at all – either at your premises or on your website
  • your rating is not clear or is inconspicuous and you refuse to take action

If you are rated as inadequate or requires improvement, we encourage you to tell people how to find out about improvements or what you have changed since we published your ratings. You can use the space provided on CQC posters and display extra information next to the poster, but make sure it does not detract from it.

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