Downloading posters and widgets from this website

Page last updated: 17 May 2023
Organisations we regulate


You first need to find your organisation's profile pages on our website.

How to find your page

Service providers have two types of page on our website:

  • provider page: for the organisation that runs the service. This might be an acute trust or a company that runs care homes.
  • location (or 'premises') page: for the place where services are delivered. This might be a hospital, a care home or a GP surgery. All of the locations run by a particular provider are listed on their provider page.

You can use the 'search for a health or social care service' box to search for your provider or location pages. This search box is on the home page and the 'find and compare services' page.

Download CQC widget code and ratings posters

One of your profile pages is 'ratings posters and widgets'. This page includes:

  • a preview of the widget
  • the widget code
  • ratings posters to download.

If there is no widget displaying or links to the posters on your page, your service could be one that does not have a rating. If you know you’ve had a rating but you still can’t find the poster, email

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