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Page last updated: 11 October 2022
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Use the CQC widget to help you display your rating online. This includes all the information needed and is conspicuous and clear.

How to download posters and widgets from this website

CQC widget

Web widgets are small pieces of code to place on a webpage. They are often used to display information from other sites.

We recommend using the widget to display your ratings online. It:

  • displays all the information required by the regulation
  • fetches the rating or inspection result from our system and displays the result on your website
  • automatically:
    • links to the correct page on our website where people can find your inspection report and ratings
    • updates if your rating or inspection result changes
    • updates if we alter the widget

Put ratings above the fold on a webpage so that people do not need to scroll down to see them.

Check all your organisation's pages for this link. You may be required to display a provider rating as well as premises ratings.

More guidance on using the widget and troubleshooting

Terms and conditions of using the CQC widget

Alternatives to the CQC widget

You do not have to use our widget, although we strongly recommend that you do. If you choose not to, your website must still include:

  • the name of your rated service
  • all provider and premises ratings - this information can be on different webpages if you have separate pages for different premises
  • the date the inspection report was published
  • our website address (www.cqc.org.uk)
  • a link to your profile page on our website with the assessment of your performance and ratings

All the ratings materials that we provide include CQC’s trademark logo. You do not need to ask for this separately.

You can create your own online display by using either:

  • PowerPoint templates
  • CQC brand images

PowerPoint template

Download the PowerPoint files that apply to your ratings, and the instructions on how to create your ratings image.

Once created, upload the image(s) to your website and link to the relevant page(s) for your organisation on CQC’s website.

PowerPoint ratings images:

Powerpoint image instructions.

CQC brand images

If you cannot use the widget or the Powerpoint template, email webteam@cqc.org.uk.

Please note: the CQC logo is a Registered Trademark and you may only use it as part of a display showing your organisation's ratings.

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