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What do I have to do for online display?

  • Organisations we regulate

We have developed the CQC rating widget and the CQC rating template to help you display your rating online. You can access these materials on our Ratings display toolkit page.

We strongly recommend that you use these materials to support your online display of your rating, as they will ensure that you include all the required information and that it is conspicuous and legible. However it is not a requirement to do so.

If you choose not to use the CQC materials, your website(s) must still include:

  • The name of the rated service.
  • All provider and premises ratings awarded by CQC. This information could be on different webpages if you have separate pages for different premises.
  • CQC’s website address ( and a link to the location on CQC’s website where the assessment and ratings of the provider’s performance may be accessed.
  • The date the inspection report was published.

We encourage you to also include the CQC logo.

You should display your rating on the main homepage of your website(s), or appropriate landing page(s) where as many people as possible looking for information about the service will see it, even if they are not specifically looking for ratings.

General principles for where to put your ratings on your website are as follows:

  1. Websites
    • You must put your rating on every website that you operate that describes the services you offer.
  2. Webpages
    • The overriding principle is to place your ratings on a permanent page(s) that the public (people who use services or those acting on their behalf) frequently visit.
    • Wherever possible, place ratings on a context-specific page. For example, a hospital rating should be included on the main page for that hospital. If you don’t have premises specific pages, you are still required to display your premises ratings. You should identify other appropriate pages that meet the principles outlined here.
    • The ratings should be on a page that can be reached via the main navigation. Pages that can only be reached by using a web search facility are not conspicuous.
    • When placing the ratings on a page, put it above the fold so that the user does not need to scroll down to see it.
Last updated:
29 May 2017


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