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Display of ratings

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The public has a right to know how care services are performing. To help them to do this, the Government has introduced a requirement for providers to display CQC ratings. The ratings are designed to improve transparency by providing people who use services, and the public, with a clear statement about the quality and safety of care provided. The ratings tell the public whether a service is outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.

The guidance details the following points:

  • If you have been awarded a CQC rating (outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate) you must display it in each and every premises where a regulated activity is being delivered, in your main place of business and on your website(s) if you have any, where people will be sure to see it. This is a legal requirement from 1 April 2015.
  • Your ratings must be displayed at the premises where your service is being provided unless you are delivering care to someone in their own home.
  • CQC will assess whether or not your ratings are displayed legibly and conspicuously – not doing so may result in a fine and may impact on future inspection ratings.
  • CQC will make posters for physical display of your ratings available to download from our website. Using our posters will ensure that you include all the information as set out in the Regulation.
  • You must display your rating online if you have a website(s). You can use the CQC templates for online display to help you do so. These are available from our Ratings display toolkit page.
  • Services regulated by CQC, but which are not awarded a rating (for example dentists), are exempt from this requirement.
  • You have a maximum of 21 calendar days to display your ratings from the date your inspection report is published on the CQC website.

This guidance describes how you can meet the Regulation. However you are ultimately responsible for meeting the Regulation and deciding how to do this. If registered providers and managers do not follow this guidance, we will ask you to provide evidence that your alternative approach still enables you to meet the requirements of the Regulation.

Last updated:
14 March 2019


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