Your inspection report: NHS trusts

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

We publish inspection reports on our website. These present a summary of our findings, contextual information and any enforcement activity that we have taken.

When we publish a new inspection report it will reflect changes from the most recent inspection for each core service and each key question inspected. It will show our ratings judgements and whether a rating has changed.

The report focuses on what our findings mean for the people who use the service. If we find examples of outstanding practice during inspection, we describe them in the report to enable other providers to learn and  improve. We also describe any concerns we find about the quality of care. The report sets out any evidence we have found about a breach of the regulations and other legal requirements.

Reports will be published within three months of the inspection of the well-led key question at the trust.

Use of resources

NHS Improvement's use of resources assessment team will write a report on the findings following the site visit to a trust. This report will be published alongside CQC’s quality report for the trust, and will include a full report of the findings from the use of resources assessment.

CQC’s trust-level inspection report will also include a summary of the findings about how well the trust is using its resources. The inspection report will also include the final use of resources rating, and highlight any areas that need to improve and any outstanding practice identified during the use of resources assessment.

CQC will then consider and approve the use of resources report in consultation with NHS Improvement, as part of our post-inspection quality check and ratings approval process for the inspection report for each relevant trust.

Quality checks

Before publishing, we check the quality and consistency of each report to quality assure our findings and check that our judgements are consistent nationally. We discuss the judgements of the inspection at an internal ratings approval meeting.

Trusts will have an opportunity to check the factual accuracy of the draft report before we publish it.