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Market Oversight of adult social care

  • Organisations we regulate,
  • Care homes with nursing,
  • Care homes without nursing,
  • Care in your home and supported living

We have a duty to oversee the financial health of difficult-to-replace providers of adult social care services, so that we can give an early warning if they are likely to fail.

What is 'Market Oversight'?

Market Oversight is a statutory scheme through which we will assess the financial sustainability of those care organisations that local authorities would find difficult to replace should they fail and become unable to carry on delivering a service.

We are required to inform local authorities where these services are delivered as soon as we believe that this failure is likely to happen. By giving an early warning of likely failure, the scheme will help local authorities to carry out their statutory duty to ensure continuity of care when providers fail.

It's important to note that entry to the scheme does not mean that a provider is at risk of failing. It only means that the provider would be difficult to replace if they did fail.

The legal basis for issuing our guidance is Section 55(7) of the Care Act 2014.

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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